Obesity Medicine Board Certified Physician Supervised Weight Loss – TELEHEALTH and In-person in Southlake for Texas Residents (By appt only)


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Our Mission

We provide a comprehensive, evidence-based approach for achieving long-term weight loss and improving metabolic health. We are a full spectrum Bariatrics / Obesity and Metabolic Medicine specialty practice. Together, we create a personalized weight loss plan combining medical, nutritional, exercise and psychological support.

We help you reach your weight loss goals and help identify, delay or sometimes reverse early chronic medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, MAFLD (Fatty liver) to achieve whole wellness.

Medically supervised weight loss and metabolic health programs are ideally a minimum three-month commitment to see any meaningful changes.

Why Choose us?

Obesity Expertise

Dr. Priyanka is American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) and Internal Medicne (ABIM) certified with Ivy league fellowship training background. Dr. Priyanka is highly trained in the physical, mental, and lifestyle aspects of Obesity.

Dr. Priyanka understands both science and art of treating Obesity patients and is informed by experience of successfully treating her numerous patients. Dr. Priyanka recognizes that weight problems are not from a lack of will power but from a complex interplay of factors that contribute to the disease process. We partner with you on your journey to better health in every way.

Concierge level care

No waiting rooms, prompt individual attention, timely response from your MD, no long wait times and crowded offices. Designed to actually address your concerns rather than dismiss them.

Flexibility of In-person or Virtual Convenience 

We offer flexibility of virtual or in-person appointments.  Schedule appointments when you want, from wherever you are!

Transform Your Health with AllWell Clinics: Expert Weight Loss in Southlake, TX

Weight Loss Consultations

Your initial consultation would be about 45-50 minutes long. During this time, we’ll review your medical history, discuss your future goals, and set up a personalized program. This program can take between 3 months and 2 years or longer to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a sustained manner. Labs ordered through CPL/ Quest at an additional cost. Prescriptions may not be covered under your insurance. We also use compounding formulations, if desired. 

*Weight loss is not recommended for pregnant women and all weight loss medications are contraindicated in pregnancy.

Follow up visits

Your follow up visit would typically be around 20 minutes and sometimes longer depending on your needs. This visit would include reviewing your progress made since last visit, any side effects review. We also review any barriers to optimizing your nutrition, exercise, sleep and lasting behavior changes.

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